We are in the privileged position of having built working relationships, over many years, with a team of excellent, bonafide sub-contractors. We can call on any number of tradespeople to assist with a job, recommend to our customers or to do a job in our own homes. We understand that for many visitors to our website or online pages, choosing an unknown tradesperson and hoping for the best service at a reasonable price, is a daunting commitment to have to make.

We are proud members of both TrustATrader and Checkatrade whom have vetted our business and we have several positive reviews across the internet, for example on Google, Facebook and TrustPilot. We always take the utmost care when working in people’s homes, prioritising the Health & Safety of our customers, staff, sub-contractors and any members of public likely to be effected by our works. We are probably one of a small number of small businesses with a comprehensive Health & Safety and Environmental Policy. We have included the summary statements below, but the entire documents, along with our new GDPR Policy are available on request. Here we will be transparent as to our current status on The Gas Safe Register with checkable, valid, Public Liability Insurance and relevant Qualifications. We will use this area of our site to keep you updated, educated and informed about what you should expect from a trustworthy gas engineer.

Please read the descriptions and click the following links below to check:

The Gas Safe Register

Any person attending your home or business working on any gas appliance, whether that be a service, installation, repair or disconnection of a gas appliance, they must by law, be a member of The Gas Safe Register. Each company is issued with a Gas Safe Registration Number and their engineers are also registered under that company, with an individual license number. The business or person appointed by them can be checked on The Gas Safe Register website, but we also carry our license card ID. In my whole career, I have only been asked to produce my Gas Safe License Card ONCE! These cards hold our registration details and lists gas appliances we are qualified to work on. As we have to renew our qualifications every five years, it is possible that whilst our Gas Safe Registration may be valid, some of our qualifications could have lapsed. These qualifications and their date of expiry are listed on the back of our ID cards. I would encourage anyone engaging our service not to be shy about asking to see this card.

Public Liability Insurance

It is a condition of The Gas Safe Register to hold a minimum of £2 million Public Liability Insurance Cover. It is, however, possible to obtain an insurance schedule by signing up to pay for one by Direct Debit. If the company doesn’t keep up the payments, then the insurance could be cancelled. We pay ours in full every year and until a better system is available, we’re happy to share this schedule as proof of our insurance.

Health & Safety

As the Director of the company, I have a background working for large firms, both installing and supervising central heating installations. I worked across various contracts run by British Gas, Scottish Gas, B&Q and Social Housing providers across Scotland, England and Wales. I have taken my knowledge of Health & Safety from numerous seminars and training sessions, as well as the practical experience of having to implement and improve them for the client, for myself, or my staff on site. I subsequently collated this broad and detailed knowledge of the considerations that a central heating company should make in respect of work, and I wrote a complete Health & Safety Policy. Our Policy is relevant to the specific work carried out by my business and/or our sub-contractors. It falls in line with the Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations 2015 and has been approved by a Health & Safety Consultant. We take Health & Safety VERY seriously, so it is not just cut-copy-and-pasted from the internet.

Environmental Policy

As with Health & Safety, the environment is a HUGE concern for us, as it should be for everyone. Our core business is to sell you heating products, but we differ from many companies out there. Our passion is the environment and the protection of it NOW for all our futures. Whilst we want to sell you heating related products and services, we won’t install something that doesn’t fit our criteria for quality and high efficiency..

We have looked at several environment policies and a lot seem to pay lip service to an ideal, but we genuinely try to minimise our environmental impact wherever possible. It is such a mammoth task, as a lot of items we buy are far travelled, so are also well packaged. We have an aim to become a Zero Waste producing business and this area is given serious consideration and constantly under review. What we can say is, we are continuing doing our bit for the environment and if we all did these small bits, it could add up to a big change.

Data Protection Policy (GDPR 2018)

A summary of this policy is that Arista Heating is committed to a policy that protects the rights and privacy of individuals, including customers, suppliers and sub-contractors, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) May 2018.

The new regulatory environment demands higher transparency and accountability in how Arista Heating manages and uses personal data. It also accords new and stronger rights for individuals to understand and control that use.

Should you now wish to remain informed by email, text or phone reminder about your boiler service or you wish to receive a full copy of our GDPR Policy, please email us and we can send you the relevant documents including a consent form to continue to keep in touch with Arista Heating Ltd.

Asbestos Awareness

It is recommended that any workers likely to be involved in works that could potentially disturb Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s), have regular training refreshers to keep up-to-date and informed about Asbestos Awareness. It is a very harmful substance and MUST be dealt with professionally. We have, for several years, worked with Acron Ltd. They do any Asbestos Testing, which we may require prior to commencing work and they are able to deal with any positive results and safely, fully remove Asbestos, as necessary.

Disclosure Scotland

It can be daunting to invite a stranger into your home and for some people, they may feel at their most vulnerable in such situations, having to trust and rely on someone’s professional recommendation when their boiler is broken. We hope by publishing this certificate, it goes some way to put your mind at ease about who is in attendance at your home. We have blanked out the Directors date of birth for security reasons, but if you wish to see a full copy of our Disclosure Scotland Certificate, please request one here.

Homeowner or Landlord's Gas Safety Certificate

This information is not an example of what OUR business alone will provide in this regard, but to educate our potential customers on, broadly, what to expect If you have a Gas Safety Inspection. Such an inspection does not guarantee you being issued with a Gas Safety Certificate. It is a report into the condition and safe functioning of your gas appliance/s. If even the visual condition of an appliance is such to suggest that it is unsafe, a gas engineer must act accordingly. When you invite a gas engineer into your home, they are trained, experienced and governed by a code of conduct called the Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure (GIUSP), which is underwritten by law. Under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 an engineer must follow this to the letter and spirit of these laws. This may mean that your appliance is deemed unsafe and has to be physically disconnected from the gas supply, until the defect/s are rectified. Prevention is the best cure, which is why we will always promote regular servicing to avoid such situations. If your appliances haven't been regularly serviced, let your gas engineer know. If we know what  to expect and we know what make and model of appliance we are going to, it will help them plan both the timing of the work and come prepared with common parts, known to be an issue with a particular appliance.

All being well, either on the first visit, or after defects have been rectified, your Gas Safety Certificate should look similar to this. It should include the business name, address, contact details and the name and licence card number of the gas engineer carrying out the inspection. Your Gas Safety Inspection can be carried out within the 2 months prior to its expiry and still maintain the original inspection date for the following year. On the HSE's website there is some helpful advice for Landlord's and Letting Agents, covering their duties and responsibilities concerning Gas Safety.

Installation Benchmark

It is not necessarily mandatory, although could effect some manufacturer's warranties if it's not able to be provided. It is good practice for your heating engineer to fill out, sign and ask you to countersign the Installation Benchmark Checklist. This is a form which records the details of the appliance installed, including its serial number and the date of installation. It proves that upon installation the appliance was working safely and efficiently, within manufacturer's tolerances. It also includes information on the controls installed, water treatment and flushing of the heating system. It is only mandatory in England & Wales, but it is also good practice in Scotland, to notify Building Control of relevant installations of gas appliances. An example of such a certificate, issued by The Gas Safe Register for notified work is this.