We are central heating specialists offering a full range of central heating services which include: We offer the following services:

Boiler repair
Boiler service and Landlord Gas Safety Certificate
Boiler replacement
Domestic central heating installation
Radiator and valve replacement and upgrades
Installation, repair and replacement of: zone valves, pumps, programmer and thermostat controls
Approved Installer for Honeywell Evohome &  Nest, Internet Connected, App Enabled, Smart Thermostat
Underfloor heating
Unvented hot water cylinder and complex heating solutions for large properties
Gas cooker and hob installation
Hard-wired and battery operated Carbon Monoxide detector/alarm installation

We offer a bespoke central heating design service for the most energy efficient heating and hot water solutions to meet your needs and your budget. We have a wealth of experience in complex hot water and heating installations for large properties, with cascade boiler solutions, zoned controls, unvented cylinders and app connected, smart thermostat installation, such as Nest or Honeywell Lyric and Evohome.

Boiler servicing is a description that needs some explanation, as many customers don’t understand either the need for, or indeed the process of it. It is important for us to try to explain the difference between a boiler service and a gas safety inspection. A boiler service is broadly a safety and efficiency check and unlike servicing a car, we don’t generally do the equivalent of an oil change, which keeps things from ceasing. A boiler service will, therefore, not prevent a breakdown, but it may give the opportunity to spot and rectify things that could cause one.

Like a car, a boiler service is done annually to ensure the efficient and safe operation of your gas appliances. If you are a Landlord, it is mandatory to have an annual Landlord’s Gas Safety Inspection, but it is also the duty of the Landlord to keep these appliances well maintained to ensure their safe operation. One way to do this is to have a structured service and maintenance programme, where we will follow the manufacturer’s guidance for regular strip-down servicing of the appliance. The cost of this varies from manufacturer make and model and depending on which replacement seals etc. will be required.

A Homeowner’s, or Landord’s Gas Safety Check of your boiler, is a report on the current condition of the appliance and whether or not it is functioning safely. This inspection can be carried out in conjunction with a flue gas analyser to measure the correct combustion of the gas and check the integrity of the flue, carrying products of combustion to outside. The report may contain recommendations to rectify any faults, which may include a strip down service to be done.